URL Slug Generator

Smart, fast and easy to use online tool built to generate search engine friendly and user friendly URL slugs.

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What is generate slug?
A slug is a unique identifier for a specific piece of content on a website. It is typically derived from the title of the page or post, and is used as part of the URL for that page. Slugs are usually short and easy to read, which makes them ideal for use in URLs.

How important are URL slugs for SEO?
A URL slug immensely helps describe the content of a page with several keywords so that the user knows what the page they're visiting is about. It's an important part of SEO optimization for ranking in SERPs as well. Consider the two URLs below. The first one is a traditional URL with a query string specifying the post ID and the second one is a proper slugified URL with text describing the title of a post.


URL slugs are important for SEO because they help to identify the topic of a webpage. They are also an important factor in Google's ranking algorithm, so it is important to make sure that your slugs are keyword-rich and accurately reflect the content of your page.