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Sometimes you need to send a copy of an Excel spreadsheet as a PDF, but you don't want to have to mess with creating a PDF yourself.  It can be a pain to create a PDF from an Excel document. You have to find the right software, figure out how to use it, and then go through the entire document making sure that everything is converted correctly. With our online Word to PDF converter, all of that work is taken care of for you. Just upload your Excel file, select the page orientation that you prefer, and hit convert. In minutes you'll have a perfectly formatted PDF ready for emailing or printing. Convert Excel to PDF with just a few clicks! Our easy-to-use online converter lets you set the page orientation as you prefer, making it easy to create professional-looking PDFs. Best of all, it's free to use!

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You've just created a killer Excel spreadsheet with all of your data and formulas, but you need to share it with someone who doesn't have Excel. It's not easy to open an Excel spreadsheet on a computer that doesn't have Microsoft Office installed. Even if the other person has Office, they might not be able to view the spreadsheet the way you intended because different people have different settings preferences. Convert your Excel spreadsheet to PDF and set the page orientation however you want. By converting your file to PDF, you can ensure that everyone will see your data exactly how you intended, regardless of their software settings or device type.